A DIY Easter and creative table-centrepiece

With stuff you have for sure at home and… much imagination!

To get into the Holiday atmosphere and maybe to pass the time with your kids, we propose an idea to realize a creative Easter table-centrepiece, with stuff you have at home for sure. Total amount for material: ca. 4 Euro!

You’ll need: coloured napkins, spaghetti + long nest-shaped pasta, aluminium foil, a balloon, coloured wool yarns, grass, scissors, stapler.

Let’s start with the napkins. Take the first, open it wide, fold it in a triangle, then fold it two times again to obtain a cone, that you will fix at the base with the stapler. You need 4 cones.

Fix together the 4 tips of the cones with the stapler; that’s the base of our composition.

Inflate the balloon and close it with a knot.

Get some spaghetti (4 or 5) and insert a nest of pasta at each end, then place it on the base. Repeat the operation a second time and place also this second pasta item on the base, to form a cross with the previous one. The nests have to be placed inbetween the cones.

Cut 3 pieces of aluminium foil of about 60 cm each. Fold each piece lengthways more times, in order to get stripes of about 10 cm wide.

Grass: we need for bunches, trim them with scissors if necessary. For each bunch, insert some spaghetti (about 4) and fix them to the bunch with wool yarn; make more turns and close with a knot.

Take an aluminium foil stripe and insert it between the napkin cones and the first pasta item; then take a second stripe and insert it between the first and second pasta item.

Place the balloon in the middle of the base and wrap it with the stripes, whose edges will be gathered on top of the balloon and fixed with a coloured wool yarn.

With the third aluminium stripe create a bow. Take a coloured napkin, cut a half and use it to create a second bow, which you fix with coloured wool yarn. With a smaller piece of coloured napkin obtain a third bow.

Make a new grass bunch, put it on the top of balloon with the blades of grass pending in a radial pattern and fix the edge with another wool yarn.

Now add the coloured bows you’ve prepared, fix them on the blades of grass with coloured wool yarns and leave them longer.

Have you got a spare nest-shaped pasta? Addi t on top of composition and fix it with one of the long wool yarns.

Finally, place the 4 grann bunches under the 4 nest-shaped pasta, inbetween the 4 napkin cones.

We do thank you the creative Paola, owner of the Giardino Romantico (romantic garden), florist’s at Abano Terme www.fioreriadiabano.it – who has thought of a particular decoration doable for everyone, therefore with no cutflowers, or wire, or professional paper.

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