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Wellness and Relaxation 365 days a year

Unlike other destinations, whose appeal is more tied to the seasons, the thermal baths offer the opportunity to totally relax everyday of the year, regardless of the weather.

SPA GIFT: exclusive gift boxes

SPA Gift, the perfect gift for every occasion, birthday, anniversary, special occasion. A slipcase that includes the opportunity to choose your hotel at Abano Terme and the date of stay, according to your personal taste.


Always a good choice!

Spring holidays at the SPAs Abano

There are lots of good reasons why you should choose Abano Terme as destination for your holidays: discover them through images. Visit the photogallery and fall in love with our thermal baths…

Venice and surroundings

Carnival of Venice 2016

The theme of Carnival 2016 derives from the ancient origins of Venice, a breeding ground for artisans, storekeepers and masters of Arts and crafts…

Abano Terme


The glass like water: precious, fragile but powerful, for its many virtues of expression. Glass as art through the works of the great glassmakers.

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