Funny, colourful and creative. The new creative rooms of Abano Ritz Hotel.

Art, design and sustainability

We are not in a metropolitan city.. We are in Abano Terme, where originality and details combined with thermal baths make the difference.

Today, we went into Abano Ritz Hotel. When we came in, it seemed to went back to Renaissance, a suffused welcome with the old-world elegance of the aristocratic style. We felt like at home.

We asked to see their rooms and with pleasure, the owner bring us to the 5th floor … here we dreamed.  A collection of innovation, creativity and rule-breaking.

The first room: The Garage… wow!

We opened the door and we have not found a hotel cleaner but four big sparkling eyes of a green luxurious Jaguard, as a bed. Oh yes, you have read correctly, Jaguard as a bed! We were not in the subbasement of our grandpa; we were in a prestigious thermal hotel.

Colours, details and re-interpretation: a spring as abatjour, a monkey wrench as handle and a petrol as bathroom fittings. A strange feeling, but enjoyable. While we were watching this and the lady talking us the history of this room, we seemed to be in the Diabolik comic, running from the everyday life.

Design, style, imagination, quality of materials also in “The swan” room. A “Shabby chic” style, sensitive to the new without missing the history.

And remembering the history, we came in the last but one room where it brings out the wood handicraft art. “The wood”, not a simply room, but a room like a nest with tree trunk and white voiles with an unique cosy air. Wood and Stone: the début of nature in 40 mq.

At the end “The recycling” room: strong primary colours, brightness of the space and the valuable fabric are the main topics of this room. A room that intrigues to be experienced: a pallet under the mattress, a stairway as wardrobe, a rim as chandelier and an old coil as table-bookcase.. a creative functional recycling. Absolutely suggest to curios people who love the eco-fashion world!

At the end of the day, we realized to have not taken a look to the cleanliness of room but to a micro-creative spaces. Not common rooms, to be recommended for living the spa in a different way.

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