The Planetarium of Padova

“The emotion of touching the sky with your eyes”

Standard and special shows in English !


The Planetarium of Padua, the first in Italy with 8K definition

Eight million pixels projected on the dome, with brighter colors and great brightness. An important technical record, to offer visitors the best in viewing, which complements the record achieved over the years with commitment and professionalism by always offering the more than 300,000 visitors, first-class content and communication methods.

A Planetarium is a sky simulator that realistically reproduces the starry sky, celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena on a hemispherical dome.

Inaugurated in April 2009-during the World Year of Astronomy-the Padua Planetarium offers its educational and outreach activities to both Schools and families and groups of friends.

The excellent quality of the images – and presentations suitable for both children and adults – allow the Planetarium to lead each viewer to discover the most current knowledge about the Universe, immersing him or her in the wonders and emotions of the starry sky.

Under the innovative almost nine-meter-diameter dome-mounted thanks to an original and unique solution in the world-are 62 comfortable seats with reclining backs to allow spectators better visibility.
Each presentation at the Padua Planetarium consists of a first part of sky viewing conducted live by expert planetarists and science popularizers who, interacting with the audience, introduce them to the wonderful fascination of astronomy. (Lectures: 30 minutes)
In the second part, a film is shown – with astronomical content – capable of recreating scenarios and contexts of the highest realism, immersiveness and effect on the dome. (Films: 30 minutes).


We offer standard and special shows in English.


We ask for a group of minimum 15 to a maximum of 65, cost 10 euros per attendant.

Groups can agree on date and content of the show, choosing between a Live Show (THE SEASONAL SKY or THE SOLAR SYSTEM) and a Full Dome Video (possible choices: STARS, EARTH MOON AND SUN, EXPLORE and much more). Total length: 1 hour.


Beethoven, Bach, Debussy played by Eugenia Cross on the piano with the support of full dome images. At the end an astronomical explanation by our astronomer Luca Nobili. Length: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

We ask for a group of a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 65, 15 euros per attendant. The group can agree on date.

For further information, please write us:

(reservation is required)

FULL 10.00 €
ages 16-65:

REDUCED 8.00 €
ages 6-15 and over 65;
children under 6 years of age occupying a seat;
certified non-self-sufficient disabled persons;
CULTURAL ASSOCIATIONS consult conventions at the ticket office;
CORPORATE CRALs consult conventions at the ticket office;
FAMILY CARD COMUNE PADOVA card holder and accompanying family members;
UNIPD STUDENTS university students UNIPD badge holders;
GROUPS, BIRTHDAYS, MEETINGS forfait minimum of 20 admissions;
SCHOOL GROUPS AND SIMILAR forfait minimum number of 20 admissions;

FAMILIES PROMO CHILDREN: 1 paying adult + 1 child (under 15 years old): €15.00

TEACHERS ON EDUCATIONAL OUTING – Maximum of 4 teachers accompanying a school group;
GROUP ACCOMPANIMERS – one for every 20 entries;
ACCOMPANIMENT needed for person who is not self-sufficient;

Address: Via Alvise Cornaro 1 35128 Padua, Italy
Tel/Fax +39 049 773677
For Info and Reservations in the Secretariat: Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.