Villa Selvatico – thermal garden: magic among sky, water and earth

villa selvatico

“The essence of Villa Selvatico is explained in three words: emotion, balance, elegance,” explains Villa Selvatico – Thermal Garden manager Roberta Pagliani, “the emotion that will characterise the important moments in life that people will choose to live in this residence, the balance between art and nature that the place will offer visitors among frescoed halls, thermal lakes and centuries-old trees, and finally the elegance that Villa Selvatico lets out from the first of the 144 steps to the wind rose at the top of the dome.

The essence of Villa Selvatico is explained in three words: emotion, balance, elegance

In the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park stands the 17th-century Villa Selvatico, which from the top of the Colle di Sant’Elena reflects in the small lakes of sulphurous water, housed in the thermal garden designed in the 19th century by landscape architect Giuseppe Jappelli.

VILLA SELVATICO, in its noble rooms, houses a cycle of frescoes of deities and allegories intertwined with unique and original architectural features.

A staircase of 144 steps leads to the romantic terrace overlooking the Euganean area, while the dome with the wind rose, the gallery in the Stufa hill and the small church of Sant’Elena lend a fairy-tale touch to the prestigious Palladian-inspired residence.

Embraced by an eleven-hectare park with centuries-old trees and five small thermal lakes, Villa Selvatico is a perfect balance of nature and art.


A great biodiversity is intertwined with the pools of thermal water surrounding the Stufa hill. A landscape that takes the visitor on a romantic walk at the end of the 19th century, amidst beautiful blooms, monumental trees, centuries-old magnolias, terraces and mysterious groves.

The presence of resurgent water from natural thermal springs inspired architect Giuseppe Jappelli in the 19th century to build a project among the lakes for cultural and spiritual elevation inspired by the Aeneid.

The Thermal Gardens and Villa Selvatico can be visited independently with audio guides or with a dedicated expert guide. At the end of the visit, visitors can linger in the Thermal Gardens of the estate and in the cafeteria area.
All spaces are easily accessible for the disabled and a convenient lift provides direct access to the villa from the garden.

Mon-Wed-Thurs-Fri: 15 – 19
Sat – Sun: 10 – 19
Closing day: Tuesday
Admission with audio guide: adults: € 10.00 – children: 6-11 years 6 € – 0 – 5 years: free – family: € 28
Admission guided tour: adults: € 13.00 – children: 6-11 years 9 € – 0 – 5 years: free – family: € 37
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Such a majestic villa in such a wonderful setting is an ideal location for weddings, exclusive events and parties, meetings and congresses.