Euganean Hills Villas and Castles: a single ticket opens the doors of three wonders of the territory

From Sunday, 26 March 2023, tourists will be able to visit the Catajo Castle, Fai Villa dei Vescovi and the Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio by purchasing a single ticket, at the reduced price of € 26.00, valid for 6 months.

These three spectacular locations are located at the foot and in the Euganean Hills, a few kilometres from the towns of Abano and Montegrotto Terme, which can be reached not only by car, but also by bicycle (electric bikes are preferable to reach Valsanzibio)

Villa dei Vescovi is a 16th century mansion, surrounded by vineyards and gentle slopes, once a meeting place for intellectuals.

The 16th-century Catajo Castle, also owned by the Obizzi family, is a perfect mix of art and architecture. From its terraces there are glimpses of the countryside and the Euganean Hills.

The Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio is considered one of the most beautiful examples of an Italian garden. A path full of symbols and allegories created 350 years ago. The portal of Diana, visible from the road, and the ever-present labyrinth are scenic.