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The Catajo Castle

An overshadowing structure, rich in history, charm and legends, built to celebrate the Obizzi family and, at the time of its maximum splendour, hosted one of the largest collections of archaeological finds in the Veneto Region.

FAI Villa dei Vescovi

A thinking place suspended in time for “meditating and actively idling”
This stately villa built in classic Roman style stands atop a small hill, embraced by the green tranquillity of the Euganean Hills, with a backdrop of the surrounding fields and vineyards.

Praglia Abbey

The Benedictine abbey of Santa Maria Assunta of Praglia, maybe one of the most important monumental and religious communities in the area, is set in the town of Teolo, only 10 minutes from Abano Terme. The monastery’s ancient library and the hundred thousand books it holds are a national monument.

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