museo luxardo

Luxardo Company Museum

The LUXARDO Museum marks markedly another phase of development for the historic brand, a leader in the production of liqueurs and ingredients for artisanal confectionery, as well as one of the oldest existing distilleries in the world.
viaggiare curiosi

Guided bike tours

Pedal thrills in the beautiful Euganean Hills Regional Park - The tours are designed and led by an expert cycling guide of the area who will assist you for the duration of the route. Tour Villa dei Vescovi - Tour Arquà Petrarca

Planetarium of Padova

Inaugurated in April 2009-during the World Year of Astronomy-the Padua Planetarium offers its educational and outreach activities to both Schools and families and groups of friends. The excellent quality of the images - and presentations suitable for both children and adults - allow the Planetarium to lead each viewer to discover the most current knowledge about the Universe, immersing him or her in the wonders and emotions of the starry sky.
villa selvatico fronte

Villa Selvatico – A new pearl of the Euganean Hills territory opens to the public

In the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park stands the 17th-century Villa Selvatico, which from the top of the Colle di Sant'Elena reflects in the small lakes of sulphurous water, housed in the thermal garden designed in the 19th century by landscape architect Giuseppe Jappelli.

Euganean Hills Villas and Castles: a single ticket opens the doors of three wonders of the territory

From Sunday, 26 March 2023, tourists will be able to visit the Catajo Castle, Fai Villa dei Vescovi and the Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio by purchasing a single ticket, at the reduced price of € 26.00, valid for 6 months.